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first session free

No pressure, no worries, just try. See if you and bub enjoy it before committing. And meet your trainer of course, she is lovely :) It's also nice to meet the other mums and see how much you have in common - sleepless nights, feeding challenges, constant desire for coffee and cake! Speaking of, join us after each session for that well-deserved coffee!

outdoor training

Sydney's North Shore is the perfect place to train outdoors! We have shady spots for those sunny days and indoor venues for those wet days. Nothing like shaking off the new mum cabin fever feeling with outdoor training, the bubs love the fresh air too!

It's also a great way to get your vitamin D, which helps healthy bones, muscles and other vital body functions.

brinG you, your bub and nothing else 

The sessions are 60 minutes for YOU. Yes, bub might need a cuddle, a feed, some water or a nappy change, but I will  be there to help, bring you back on track and give your body and mind the movement and time it needs. The nicest thing is that this is bootcamp for your baby too. Watch them go from pram sleepers to tummy time to crawlers to toddlers kicking balls with their little bootcamp friends. All while you get a squat and push up in here and there!

bring your whole mums group for a trial session

If one of the timetabled sessions doesn't suit you and your mums group, let me know, we can look at offering group training at a time and location on the North Shore that suits you. The focus of Karina's Mumma Method is to  bring  the community together, help new mums meet mums and feel confident to share this tough but nourishing ride of parenthood.


Karina's Mumma Method is...


Our classes are focussed on post-natal exercises that strengthen your pelvic floor and core strength. 

Perfect for mums wanting to progress their fitness and strengthen their body safely and effectively.


All About Community

Join our active community of local mums and build friendships, share experiences and watch your children grow together.


Our approach allows you to incorporate your little one into various exercises, offering a nurturing environment which encourages bonding and play with their mother through the session.

Karina's Mumma Method was developed with new mums in mind and we provide much more than group fitness. We wanted to created an environment that is safe, fun. motivating, supportive and understanding. We hold classes along Sydney's North Shore from Hornsby and Wahroonga to North Sydney and cater for all fitness levels. We aim to help you de-stress, improve your strength and find your post baby body confidence, all whilst in a relaxed and social setting. Participants range from Mums with babies from 6 weeks of age to toddlers, pregnant woman, to women without babies, to grandmothers. Even a Dad or two has joined my classes!

We focus on returning safely to exercise and strengthening specific muscles for women's health such as pelvic floor, back, hip and core strength. We motivate you in a safe manner to achieve the best you can with the little "you time" you have. We encourage you to challenge yourself within the 60min sessions with a variety of strength and endurance activities.

We also cater for every fitness level and consider injuries and conditions you may have and make the session work for your needs. We want to improve your weaknesses and strengthen your strengths! We work closely with women's physio's and GPs to refer you for specific injury and conditions advice if needed.


What We're About

Our Focus

About Us: Your Coach & Fellow Mum, Karina

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I have been working in the fitness industry alongside my husband Ben for over 15 years and we have a love of the many benefits that exercise provides. We have experience and qualifications in not only competitive sports but also in the phycological and social aspect of exercise.

After having a baby I realised that new Mums needed a safe, comfortable and supportive fitness environment that not only focused on the physical benefits but also the social and mental well being that we can gain from group exercise. That's how Karina's Mumma Method came about. I want to help mums, just like me, regain physical confidence, interact with like minded women and feel the healthy benefits that exercise can bring.

As  a husband and wife partnership, we also offer personal training, corporate training and bootcamps along Sydney's North Shore. Clickk HERE for more information on these services.


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"Karina is kind, caring and really takes an interest in your wellbeing.


These sessions are also motivation to get out of the house, make and stay in touch with great new friends, stay sane with a new bub, and help regain fitness.


I can’t imagine getting through this first year without them"

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“Working with Karina has been fantastic in getting back to feeling myself and getting my energy back after the birth of my first child.


Now I am pregnant again and already so much fitter.”

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“Karina was key to me gaining a passion for fitness and losing 16kgs prior to having babies.


Following each pregnancy Karina has worked with me in a safe and sensible way to regain my fitness and shed the baby weight.


Having become a mum herself she understands the complexities of returning to or starting training postpartum.”

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"Karina is amazing as a PT and lovely as a human being. Would highly recommend all mums to join up.”

Get In Touch, We'd Love To Hear From You

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